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Charlies Story

Charlies Journey

Charlies Story

What I learned from Charlie Losing his leg – Recovery

May 13th, 2017 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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Its been 1 week and 3 days since my ragdoll cat Charlie lost his left hind leg that is still unknown to how and why it happened.

A little back story…

I was woken up one morning to my partner screaming “Charlie lost his leg” and to the sight that was awaiting me was going to turn my life upside down.

His hind leg was completely mangled off where the leg bone had been snapped and no skin or flesh was there, not even his cute paw was there.

We rushed him to the vet and they put him under and amputated immediately. Our cute lil Charlie ragdoll was not officially a tripod and I was just happy to see him alive and have a second chance at life.

We do not know the cause of the accident with his leg, although I have reason to believe that this may of been use to a law mower accident.


I was worried out how things were going to be for Charlie as I have never gone through this ordeal with an animal losing a limb and I had no knowledge of the possible life for him after the operation.

I can happily report that Charlie is doing well and he is showing signs of amazing improvement:

  • He can jump up on things to get to higher places
  • He can run
  • Go to the toilet normally
  • Overall not a lot has changed in hindering his physical ability (he is 4 years old)

What I have noticed post op thats changed with Charlie.

  • He sleeps way more and gets tired really easily
  • He doesn’t have the same appetite, doesn’t eatย much (which would probably attributed to him being less active)
  • He seems a little depressed since the incident
  • He is noticeably more scared and jumpy around other people

Tips that helped me deal with challenges along with way with post op

There are many hacks that I think helped me with administering antibiotics and other aftercare and here they are.

  • For antibiotics – its no easy task if you are mixing it with their food. I would recommend using a syringe without the needle and crush the tablets in powder form, mix water and administer orally with the syringe depending on your VET prescription.
  • Food – they will probably lose their appetite.
    Its best to ask your vet for a gel that is administered orally to help appetite while keeping your cat nourished.
    Also buy premium grade food if you dont use it already.
  • Litter box – Dont use litter as it may get on the wound when its fresh. Instead use shredded paper in the litter box.

These are my tips for now I will be documenting going forward as time goes on.

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6 Comments so far ↓

  • tinsch

    Wow, what a horrific thing to wake up to!
    One week is still pretty early in recovery so it’s great to hear that Charlie is doing so well. I’m sure his appetite will return yet and he won’t be scared forever. He probably needs to adjust to his new body, too.
    All the best to you guys!
    tina & Manni

    • angelabronsoncats

      It was tipping point of a slew of bad things to come from that week alone after Charlie’s incident.

      2 of my friends were hospitalized from serious injuries so it was a very hectic week of all this happening.

      I am just happy that everything is starting to get back on track and Charlie is getting better each day.

      But thank you for your wishes!

  • charliebear

    Charlie is GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for posting about his recovery; especially as there are fewer cats on site and even fewer with amps due to accidents. The information you have shared is invaluable in terms of what others may experience during recovery!!! I love that you noted Charlie is physically able to do most of the things he has done before! Good for him!!! There is a very handsome orange tabby on the site named Purrkins who , I believe, has been found on counters and maybe even the top of the fridge! So it is very reassuring to hear that Charlie is able to likely do the same:) Also, I like that you shared that Charlie is a bit changed at this point in recovery in terms of endurance and how he regards people. I really think for cats it is much more about being possible ” prey” which changes their outlook for awhile. That and, gosh, Charlie would be so hard not to pick up and kiss allllll the time with his good looks!!! ( Did I mention how handsome he is?!?!) I also like that you shared what to do about meds and litter: both topics seem to be frequently discussed. And, finally, Charlie is a purrfect name according to my guy: CharlieBear. Please keep sharing your journey with us! Best wishes, huge hugs, and PyrPaws all around!!!

    • angelabronsoncats

      Thank you so much for the kind words ๐Ÿ™‚ it really means the world. So glad I found this site with great people to help guide me through the expectations from other people’s experiences.

      And I am happy if my experiences help anyone else as well.
      Charliebear is such a cute name ๐Ÿ™‚
      i will be writing up an article soon

  • jerry

    Yikes, poor Charlie! I’m so happy that things worked out and he’s doing better. Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s definitely helpful for our feline members.

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